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Maryland Theatre Guide

"The show is trenchant, intelligent and funny."

-Mary Ann Johnson

The Bad Oracle: Hilarity Ensues with Christine Ferrera

"Ferrera’s rigorous with her crafted style... but presents humor of greater nuance and bite."

-Tim Paggi

City Paper’s Top Ten Baltimore Books of 2015:

Starbux Diary: My 10-year Journey to Caffeinated Enlightenment 

“Hilariously personal."

-Bret McCabe

The granddaughter of Sicilian immigrants who ran Cave of the Winds

the legendary Chicago supper club that hosted touring vaudeville acts, Christine Ferrera creates work in performance, video and painting that explores the intersection of art and comedy. Occupying a unique place in the span of feminist art, her intimate stories begin with a familiar experience and gradually veer into liminal and unpredictable terrain, revealing their emotional core.

Ferrera's work has been presented at festivals internationally and centers around themes of feminism, capitalism, existential anxiety, and self-sabotage. She has appeared on NPR's The Story and The Signal and was a featured solo performer in the 2014 Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Ferrera has received many awards, including a 2007 artist residency at the Sanskriti Foundation in New Delhi, a 2013 Maryland State Arts Council Award, a 2019 Creativity Grant and a 2020 Emergency Relief Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. She lives and works and eats and prays and loves in Chicago, USA.

Baltimore City Paper's Book Review: 

Starbux Diary: My 10-year Journey to Caffeinated Enlightenment

“With philosophical flights of fancy and meditations on the nature of art, creation, true love, forgiveness, the sacred, and the profane, this book is improbably profound, as if Ferrera impregnated a series of Starbucks comment cards as a joke, and somehow they gave birth to literature."

-Charlotte Benedetto

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