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Sad Eyes

Personal Ads

2002- 2008

Personal Ads are collaged images and text from Asian newspapers and magazines painted to evoke hand-made signs. Each surface is saturated with eye-popping color and campaign slogans are transmuted into short poems.

Practice Paintings

2007 - 2009

During an art residency at the Sanskriti Foundation in New Delhi I tried to reconnect with my painting practice after a one year lapse. I found a piano lesson book for beginners at a used book stand which reminded me to go slow.


1998 - 2000

Tummyache was inspired by the craft of hand-painted signs and the advertising imagery of my youth. The paintings explore the collision of desire, satisfaction, overindulgence and nausea. At once, they revel in and critique the temptation ever-present in a consumer landscape of overly sweetened products and over-saturated images.



2003 - 2010

Corporate Romanticism imitates the devices of commercial media and personalizes it. It was inspired by the feeling that marketers were trying to get in my head and create the illusion of a universal consciousness, as if to say, "I know you. These are your thoughts and your deepest desires."
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