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Christine Ferrera is a 100-year old Mole Woman who rummages through cultural garbage and cobbles together funny bits of crap. She has performed at Gilda's Laughfest, She Devil and Red Clay Comedy Festival, among many others. In happier times, she opened for comedians Michael Ian Black, River Butcher, and Gary Gulman. Now, she is a post-pandemic podcast hag and creator of The Lincoln Lodge podcast network. She can be found (from midnight to 4am) burrowing under what used to be Chicago's thriving comedy scene.

Portrait by Alex Fine

Mute Girl, 2020
Confessional Podcast logo.jpg
Sociopath, 2018
Confessional Podcast logo.jpg
Rise Comedy Festival, 2022
Stand-up 2021
North Carolina Comedy Festival, 2021
Stand-up Shorty

I, A Podcast Studio, 2021

Awkward Pauzez at iO Theater, 2020

A Tale of Two Glovers, 2020

Ho Ho Ho! Holiday Spectacular, 2018
Church Night, 2018

Video courtesy of Jheisson Nunez

What A Joke, 2017

Maryland Film Festival, 2016

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