Google Art Video 2010

An artist has a series of strange interactions with a belligerent version of herself.

"With exquisite nuance in facial expression and voice, the artist captures the painful self-undermining emotional process inherent in creative work, and mirrors the more universal tension between longing and fear inherent in human relationships."

                                                -Stephanie Ferrera, Bowen Theorist/My Mom



Video! Video! Festival (Chicago, IL)

Amsterdam Fringe Festival (NL)

VisArts (Rockville, MD)

Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, (Chicago, IL)

Itinerant Performance Festival (Bronx, NY)

Two-Sided Act, Brooklyn Art Space (Brooklyn, NY)

Videopolis (Baltimore, MD)

Transmodern Festival (Baltimore, MD)

Johns Hopkins Film Festival (Baltimore, MD)

International Center for Photography (NYC) 

Images and video courtesy of Roberto Herrera