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FRISCO & JEFF 2012-Present

Music & Monologues

Dan Hanrahan, vocals, guitar & banjo

Christine Ferrera, backing vocals, xylophone & melodica

Headburner video by J. E. Moores

Play "ALIEN"

Three Waves

Surrealist ballads with touches of glam and Brecht.

(all songs written by Dan Hanrahan)

Album cover art & design by Christine Ferrera

600 New Names for the Big Bang

What do a 1930's Chicago supper club, Edgar Allen Poe's bewildering treatise on the cosmos and a highly eccentric Kinko's customer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have in common? 

600 Names for the Big Bang attempts to answer this riddle using monologue, archival photos and song. 

Frisco & Jeff admire nature

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