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Christine Ferrera @ The Stoop, Centerstage
Starbux Diary on The Stoop & The Signal

Starbux Diary: My 10-year Journey to Caffeinated Enlightenment 

began in 2005 when I was at a Starbucks store and noticed that their customer feedback cards read, "We'd love to hear your thoughts..."

Taking their invitation literally, I conceived of an endurance art project in which I jot down my thoughts about life, love and art each day on a comment card and mail the original to Starbucks Coffee's customer relations department. Sometimes, Starbucks writes back. 


A selection of diary entries, drawings and actuarial tables, this book commemorates the 10th anniversary of my uniquely humorous take on endurance art.

Read Baltimore City Paper's review of Starbux Diary: My 10-year Journey to Caffeinated Enlightenment.

The 10th Anniversary Special Edition is sold-out.
Starbux Diary is currently being adapted into a limited-run audio series for 2025!
Please, check back for updates!

Starbux Diary in Performance

Video courtesy of Roberto Herrera
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